Datasheet 1

Power-Grade Industrial NTP Server- Grandmaster Clock

Marca: Atop

Caratteristica: *NOVITA'

A Powerful base for NTP and PTP
The NTS7500 1U 19'' Rack-mount Modular NTP Server with additional Grandmaster Clock feature is a high-powered rugged device that offers good precision and reliability. Suitable for almost any environment and complying with the harshest Industrial EMC conditions, ATOP's device satisfies all  ndustry requirements for Industrial-grade networking timing applications. Its modular architecture provides power-input redundancy and up to 16 different outputs for legacy time Protocols - such as IRIG-B, BCD, ST, ST with checksum. 

Stratum 1 NTP Server: NTS7500 embeds a high precision, multi-system GNSS module that supports GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO GNSS Systems for redundancy. When disconnected from a GNSS time source, its integrated TCXO Oscillator, ensures time drift (1PPS output) does not exceed 30 ppb matching and exceeding the requirements for Power Substations. NTS7500 supports NTPv1/v2/v3/v4 Server and NTP/SNTP Client. 

Optional PTP Standard Support: On NTS7500-CPU-NTP, the possible PTP configurations are endless. NTS7500 supports Layer-2 and Layer-3 over IPv4 transport; VLAN Tagging; and Multicast, Unicast and Unicast Negotiation in both End-to-End and Peer-to-Peer delay calculation modes. NTS7500 fully supports IEEE C37.238-2017 and IEEE/IEC 61850-9-3

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