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8-Port IEC61850-3 Certified Industrial Rack-Mounted Secure Serial Device Server

Marca: Atop

Caratteristica: *NOVITA'

Make Serial Devices Ready to the Network
The Industrial Serial Device Server SE5908A is a high-profile, high performance wide temperature gateway for Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial signal communications; allowing almost any serial device to be connected to a new or existing Ethernet network. By encapsulating serial data and transporting it over Ethernet, it offers full-duplex and bi-directional data seamlessly between the serial port and the Ethernet network.

Advanced embedded security
SE5908A embeds IPsec VPN Encryption, that allows you to tunnel your data securely throught the internet and prevent unauthorized control of your Serial Devices by malicious people.

Easy to Use
Flexible configuration options enable this unit to be setup over Ethernet by Telnet, Web Browser, or our Windows Utility. Packed in a rugged metal housing for 19" rack mount with a redundant 24-48 VDC or High Voltage AC/DC power input, SE5908A is ideal for mission-critical applications in utilities and especially in power substations. Atop Virtual COM software provides a virtual environment for applications when accessing the device through TCP.

Rugged and flexible for advanced developments
SE5908A embeds high EMC protection, wide temperature operation, programming and installation flexibility in one device. The IEC61850-3 certified hardware makes it the most advanced Ethernet-to-Serial or Computing option, while the dual power supply provides additional redundancy in case of power failure. High-Voltage option makes the device suitable for High-Voltage AC or DC inputs (100~240 VAC or 100~370VDC) that are common in substation environments., without additional cabling and power supply.

SDK versions* allow you to make use of the powerful embedded TI ARM CPU, and develop your own applications on top of ATOP's reliable SDK transforming your deivce in a cost effective, performing industrial computing platform.

Remotely monitor, manage, and control industrial field devices
IEC61850-3 certified, can be easily set up into IEC61850-3 substations
Industrial EMC protection, wide temperature operation, -40°C~85°C
Redundant Power Input for fault protection, either 24~48 VDC or High-
Voltage AC/DC (100~240VAC or 100~370VDC)
6 Fast-Ethernet interfaces, either RJ45 or SFP slot
8 RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Serial ports, with or without isolation
TCP Server/Client, UDP, Virtual COM and Tunneling modes supported
Embedded security with OpenVPN, PPTP and  IPsec VPN support
Configuration via Web Browser / Telnet/ Windows Utility

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