Datasheet 1

2-channel thermocouple module with Modbus RTU interface TST320

Marca: Teracom

Caratteristica: *NOVITA'

TST320 is a module with MODBUS RTU interface and 2 inputs for thermocouples. Crafted for a range of industrial applications, it provides precise temperature readings across a variety of thermocouple types, making it an ideal solution for temperature measurements in industrial processes.
The modules unparalleled compatibility supports all thermocouples - J, K, T, N, E, B, R, and S - ensuring seamless integration into any setup. Its 24-bit ADC with DSP processing and ±0.1% accuracy provide exceptional measurement precision. Combined with ±0.19% CJC accuracy, your readings remain reliably precise.
With an RS-485 interface supporting up to 63 nodes, communication with existing systems is effortless using Modbus RTU protocol.
Designed for easy installation, it includes an integrated 120-ohm termination resistor for optimized signal integrity, simplifying setup.
Safety is a top priority with a remarkable working isolation voltage of 1500Vrms, ensuring secure operation in industrial environments.
TST320 2-channel thermocouple module enables engineers, technicians, and decision-makers to obtain real-time temperature data, enhancing process efficiency, product quality, and system reliability.

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